Thank you to everybody that supported the Swaton Vintage Day this year.

As a result of your valuable support we were able to donate over £7,000 to 13 local, worthwhile causes.

This included a donation of £500 to TRi4Vi, based in Sleaford, who give visually impaired (VI) people an opportunity to sample swimming, cycling and running on an individual basis. TRi4Vi are a small but growing group of volunteers that are passionate about sharing their love of sport and exercise with people that wouldn't normally be able to access it - in particular those with a visual impairment.

To find out more about TRi4Vi, please Visit Their Website.

The following is an excerpt from a recent thank you letter, received from TRi4Vi:

"First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Swaton Vintage Day committee on behalf of Tri4Vi for the very generous donation of £500.

We will be purchasing a Tandem and a couple of helmets in the near future. Not only will it give me the opportunity and pleasure of cycling but we hope to make it available to other people that are blind or visually impaired (VI) that live in or around South Lincolnshire, covering areas such as  Sleaford, Boston and Grantham and some of the outlying areas.

We've set up a small club/group called Tri4Vi, with the aims of providing taster sessions for VI’s in Triathlon, ie running, swimming and cycling or any one or any combination of those disciplines, and some limited training.

In the near future we will be able to add cycling to what we are able to offer thanks to the Swaton Vintage Day committee.

We have all put the date of the next Swaton Vintage Day in our diaries and we would love to come along with the tandem to say a personal thank you. If you wanted to make an official presentation that's always an option should you think it's appropriate.

We will post our gratitude/thanks on our website and Facebook pages along with picture of the tandem when we've made the purchase.

Thank you for your support, this is very, very much appreciated!"

Yours Sincerely

Mark Ellis

Secretary Tri4Vi

This was then followed up with the following letter:

"Just thought we would keep you in the loop about the tandem.

We've been busy looking for a suitable machine but it soon became obvious to us that we weren't going to get a decent new machine for our money. We decided that second hand would be the way to go and have been busy searching various websites etc looking for a bike with quality and reliability in mind.

I'm delighted to tell you we've bought one in Preston - a 2nd hand Dawes machine which came in slightly over budget at £650 (see attached picture). It's a lovely bike and it even has disc brakes on which is comforting if you need to stop in hurry.

We have all got next year's Swaton Vintage Show pencilled in our dairies and looking forward to having a ride over to show everyone.

Maybe you would be kind enough to share this email with the rest of the committee.

Thank you again on behalf of Mark Ellis, Mick Tozer and myself for your very generous donation."


Paul Davidson


The Swaton Vintage Day committee is delighted that we have been able to help this worthwhile cause and the many other local worthwhile causes we have helped both this year and previous years

Next year will be our 25th Anniversary and we hope that you will pay us a visit on Sunday 30th June, so that we can continue to support worthwhile local organisations like TRiVi.

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