The World Egg Throwing Championships 2022 will be held on Sunday 26th June.


Provisional programme of main events to be held, unless stated otherwise in the side ring or Egg Headquarters. Finals in main ring. Please note that times may vary.

World Target Throwing with Accuracy Challenge

Takes place in the area adjacent to the bar whilst the target, Joel Hicks, is available. This is the only pay to enter game and is priced at £2 for 3 eggs. Points as follows:

  • Head shot = Nil points
  • Arms/legs = 1 point
  • Body = 2 points
  • Groin = 3 points

11:00 Registration

Space is limited for some events, please make sure you pre-book.

13:00 The World Russian Egg Roulette Championship

One against one, 6 eggs but only 1 is raw. A trial of nerves. Preliminary heats.
Held in front of Egg HQ and carries on through the afternoon.

14:00 The World Egg Throwing Championship (heats)

2 person teams consisting of catchers and tossers. 10 metres apart and spreading after each successful catch. Drop the egg or break it and your out! Top 5 go through to the finals.

14:30 The Egg Throwing Static Relay

11 person team spread 10 metre intervals. 12 eggs to be passed individually along the line. Quickest wins with penalty time points for breakages.

14:45 The (under 13) World Egg Throwing Championship

As before but for smaller people.

15:00 The World Egg Trebuchet Challenge

Gravity powered eggcitement. Starting close but getting further. 3 preliminary close quarter rounds to find the best, then long distance knock out.

Click here for entry form and rules.

16:00 Finals of the Egg Roulette and World Egg Throwing Competition.

Main arena.

This is followed immediately by the award of trophies and press interviews.

World Egg Throwing Competition, Swaton, Lincolnshire.
Egg Roulette

The World Egg Throwing Championships will be held just outside the village of Swaton on the B 1394, 15 minutes from the A17 and only 5 minutes from the A52. We are located within easy driving distance of Sleaford, Grantham, Boston, Newark, Peterborough and Lincoln.

Please view the How To Find Us page for further information.

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